HaZamir Yerucham

Conductor: Yishai Steckler

Coordinator: Hagay Amar

Contact Email: ysteckler@gmail.com

Rehearsal Day: Monday

Rehearsal Time: 7:00pm

Rehearsal Location: Music Conservatory of Yerucham


Yishai Steckler, born and raised in Israel, is one of the most prominent choral, operatic and orchestral conductors in his country. Mr. Steckler is a former Chorus Master and Conductor-in-residence of the Israeli Opera in Tel Aviv, where he has conducted more than 25 opera productions since 2002. Mr. Steckler is a graduate of The Rubin Israeli Academy of Music in Tel Aviv and the Royal College of Music in London and he is a recipient of scholarships from the America-Israel Cultural Foundation, the Wingate Foundation in London, the AVI Foundation in Geneva and the winner of the Gary Bertni prize for young Israeli conductor of the year 2006. 

Mr. Steckler performs operatic, choral and symphonic repertoire with all top Israeli orchestras and with opera houses and orchestras in Italy, Germany, Brazil, Romania and South Korea. His first international CD recording of Ponchielli’s La Gioconda featuring Hui He, Luciana D’Intino and Lado Ataneli, with the chorus and orchestra of Teatro Verdi di Salerno in Italy, was released worldwide in 2013 on Brilliant Classics.

Mr. Steckler is a graduate of the Thelma Yellin High School of the Arts and has been the TY choir conductor for the past 14 years and since 2014 he is the musical director of the Tel Aviv Collegium singers.