Gabi Levin

HaZamir Baltimore, Class of 2008
HaZamir helped me fall in love with Judaism again. During the crucial years of navigating teenage life, many of us may walk away from our faith. As a teen, my commitment to Judaism began to falter, but as soon as I joined HaZamir, I was reminded of why I loved my religion so much. Allowing teens to connect to their heritage through music provides a strong foundation on which they can base their spiritual and religious lives. HaZamir does an astounding job of educating its teens on many levels: through history, texts, prayers, translation and most importantly a strong connection to Israel. 
Currently I am a professional actress in film and TV, and I work part time as a Youth Director and Jewish educator at two synagogues. I also now work on alumni relations and fundraising in the Zamir office giving back some of all HaZamir has given me. I attended Rider University and hold a degree in theater and dance.

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