Virtual Journal

Ruby Page

Thank you to HaZamir
for all that it has given our family.

Mazal Tov to our niece, Hannah,
our daughter Zoe
to our honorees
Fran Gordon and Phyllis & Richard Rosen

Harman & Adina Avery-Grossman

Sapphire Page

In honor of our granddaughter

Mykalah Hope Jacob

Sherryl & Gerard Cohen

Platinum Page

With gratitude to Mati and Vivian,
to all the conductors,
parents and volunteers
who make HaZamir such a
vibrant experience for all the singers.

Mazal Tov on a spectacular concert!

The Beker Foundation

Gold Page

Erika and Lew Schon

Silver Page

In praise of
the extraordinary inspiration and vision
of our friend, Maestro Mati Lazar

In support of youthful voices coming together in joy and song

Yasher koach to Phyllis and Richard Rosen, a very special Shirah couple whose dedication to the
continuity of Jewish Choral Music we honor

Berru Charitable Foundation
(Weinflash, Konstadt and Kopelman Families)

Bronze Page

Thank you to Mati and Vivian,
and to HaZamir HaSharon (especially Lior and Sima!),
for welcoming our son Mitchell as HaZamir's
first-ever "exchange" singer.

And mazal tov to HaZamir DC,
where Mitchell got his start.

We are so thrilled to be part of
the international HaZamir family!

The Akawie Family

Full Page

Mazal tov to Phyllis, Richard and Fran
Yasher Koach to and Mati and Vivian.

HaZamir rocks!

Nancy Abramson

Half Page

fireworks.pngMazel Tov to my bestie,
Fran Gordon!

So sorry I can't be there to
celebrate with you!

With love,

Trish Adler

Half Page

With admiration and affection
Mati & Vivian

Linda & David Altshuler

Tribute Listing

Kol HaKavod, Francine!
Mitchell Balk

Dear Michelle, wishing you the time of your life shining &
singing to your heart's content! Love, M, D & B Balson

To our Maya and all HaZamir Singers and Conductors, May
your voices spread joy around the whole world. The Behiri's

Honoring Fran, Phyllis & Richard, & with gratitude for the
joy of HaZamir. Lois and Michael Berlowitz

In honor of Concert Co-Chairs Elinor and Gil Bashe

David Goldfarb

Friend Listing

Lisa Lazerson and Michael Abrams

June and Terry Aranoff

Karen Berenthal

For Noa Kraus by Kate Bressler

Shirley Century

Hilda and Hugo Daenen

Alumni Listing

Allison Abrams HaZamir Manhattan '12 -'16
Shachar Avraham HaZamir Bergen Country '07 -'12
Melissa Joseph   HaZamir North Jersey '10 -'15
Effie Landau HaZamir Manhattan '10 -'11,'12 -'13
Sarah Sue Landau   HaZamir Manhattan '04 -'10
Sophie Lee Landau HaZamir Manhattan '05 -'11
Gabi Faye Levin HaZamir Baltimore '05 -'08
Miriam Mishkin   HaZamir Brooklyn '12 -'13
Aliza Yaillen HaZamir Manhattan '09 -'13

♫ - Chamber Choir
✡ - International Teen Leader

Graduating Seniors - Yachad Na'Amod

Emily Anfang   HaZamir Hartford
Hannah Avery-Peck HaZamir Boston
Kelsey Bailey ♫ ✡ HaZamir Minneapolis/ St. Paul
Hannah Elizabeth Cutrona   HaZamir Cleveland
Hilary Morgen Elkin   HaZamir North Jersey
Ella Crowell Lang HaZamir Manhattan
Sara Beth Lieberman   HaZamir Rockland County
Rachel Lootens   HaZamir Houston
Melanie Raush HaZamir South Jersey
Elana Rubin   HaZamir Baltimore
Shana Seligman   HaZamir Silicon Valley
Leora Singer HaZamir Brooklyn
Sam Schmutter ♫ ✡ HaZamir North Jersey
Gordon M. Ward   HaZamir Westchester

♫ - Chamber Choir
✡ - International Teen Leader