Before HaZamir, I had no connection to Jewish identity. After standing with 400 other Jewish singers on stage at the MET,  I felt something I've never felt before. #jewishpride

— Ran, HaZamir HaSharon

The Story
Behind the Song

"The Story Behind the Song," by videographer and Zamir Choral Foundation board member Elena Lefkowitz, highlights the power of HaZamir through one song: "Yerushalayim Shel Zahav," from Mati and Vivian Lazar's first encounter with the song in 1967, to HaZamir's 2017 performance at the Metropolitan Opera House.

Never have I felt so much pride and joy while singing these powerful words at Festival and on stage.

— Keren, HaZamir Baltimore


The Story of the Songs

Many of the stories submitted to us didn’t make it into the book due to space limitations. In the coming weeks, we will publish all the stories that we received.

"The story begins at my first Festival, four years ago, on Friday night. I decided to go to the Egalitarian Minyan with my friend Leora Lupkin, and from that moment both of us have kept contact for four years! Thanks to HaZamir, I met so many friends with whom I’m speaking daily." 

Elihay Skital | HaZamir Ashkelon


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Alumni Spotlight

Chris Mason

HaZamir Bergen County, Class of ‘12 

Conductor, HaZamir Westchester

Everything I do in my life, I can trace back to HaZamir. From singing at all, to pursuing a career in music education, to becoming a young Jewish educator, HaZamir provided me with many of the skills and Jewish knowledge I attribute to my work. I also now conduct my own Chapter of HaZamir alongside those mentors who have literally watched me grow up through HaZamir, learning about how broadly its pluralistic Jewish community spans both here and in Israel. Each year I’m involved with HaZamir, this year being my eleventh, I learn more about myself as a Jew and about the history of the music of our people through sharing this music with the current HaZamirniks and Alumni.