BRAVO to everyone who helped make the March 18 concert at David Geffen Hall, Lincoln Center, a resounding success!

Never have I felt so much pride and joy while singing these powerful words at Festival and on stage.

— Keren, HaZamir Baltimore


HaZamir: The International Jewish Teen Choiris a Jewish musical youth movement of 38 synchronized choral chapters across the U.S. and Israel. Now entering its 25th year, HaZamir engages hundreds of Jewish teens every year. Teens meet weekly in their local chapters to rehearse and perform high-level Jewish choral music and create a pluralistic peer community, then come together for a Shabbaton and public performance at a world-class venue. 

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Celebrate Our Honoree

Vivian Lazar

We are thrilled to announce that Vivian Lazar is the HaZamir Gala Honoree for our 25th Anniversary Celebration. Serving as the Director of HaZamir since 2004, Vivian has brought a unique understanding of the musical and educational value of choral singing, building HaZamir into an international youth movement. Vivian’s singular vision for HaZamir has brought us to new venues like the Metropolitan Opera House, Carnegie Hall, and David Geffen Hall; new partnerships between American and Israeli cities; and new support from Israel’s Ministry of Education. She has held HaZamir to the highest standard of excellence, openness, creativity, and community. Our achievements are her achievements, and we are thrilled to share the spotlight with this exceptional, dedicated, and talented woman.
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Alumni Spotlight

Chris Mason

HaZamir Bergen County, Class of ‘12 

Conductor, HaZamir Westchester

Everything I do in my life, I can trace back to HaZamir. From singing at all, to pursuing a career in music education, to becoming a young Jewish educator, HaZamir provided me with many of the skills and Jewish knowledge I attribute to my work. I also now conduct my own Chapter of HaZamir alongside those mentors who have literally watched me grow up through HaZamir, learning about how broadly its pluralistic Jewish community spans both here and in Israel. Each year I’m involved with HaZamir, this year being my eleventh, I learn more about myself as a Jew and about the history of the music of our people through sharing this music with the current HaZamirniks and Alumni.