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HaZamir by Leo Low

Noam Fields-Meyer

HaZamir Los Angeles

I am 20 now. I am a college student in my sophomore year. I study music. I sing with my college’s concert choir and one of the a cappella groups on campus. My Shabbats are filled with singing and community. My home life is abundant with z’mirot and shirim. And I owe every ounce of joy I receive from these things to HaZamir for exposing me to the vast, powerful effect of singing together. Zamru, achim, zamru; “sing, brothers, sing.”

Jennifer Rose Sax

Alumna, HaZamir New Brunswick

I wouldn’t be who I am today without HaZamir. The people I’ve met and the songs I’ve sung have changed my life in the best way possible.

Elihay Skital

HaZamir Ashkelon

The story begins at my first Festival, four years ago, on Friday night. I decided to go to the Egalitarian Minyan with my friend Leora Lupkin, and from that moment both of us have kept contact for four years! Thanks to HaZamir, I met so many friends with whom I’m speaking daily.

Lilly Batt

HaZamir Westchester County

When I was in eighth grade, I attended my first Intervisitation in Baltimore. I was so excited and very nervous to not only hear the music, but to make new friends. I thought I knew what HaZamir was going to sound like. I heard the starting pitches and was ready to sing. The conductor gave the downbeat and then I was blown away. This is now my fourth year in HaZamir, and the first note of “HaZamir” still amazes me and gives me chills.

Sonya Bostom

HaZamir Providence

I walk into my first festival rehearsal as a small eighth grader seated in the second row, surrounded by 300 strangers. The opening chords to "HaZamir" are played on the piano. As soon as we open our mouths, I am awestruck by the richness and quality of the sound, something I have never heard before. Suddenly, these people were not strangers anymore but 300 friends united in song.

Rebecca Gold

HaZamir Hartford

Every year since I joined in 2014 I look forward to the Gala concert, but even more, I look forward to singing “HaZamir” at the beginning and end of each concert, in hopes that our singing will inspire someone else, like it inspired me.

Cayla Kahn

HaZamir Boca Raton

At my first HaZamir rehearsal, I was very shy, but excited because everyone seemed very nice. The first song was “HaZamir,” and I could not believe the beautiful and extraordinary music I heard. I cannot wait to hear the magnitude of HaZamir singers again at festival this year.

Jonah Pitkowsky

HaZamir Bergen County

When I was in seventh grade, I went with my family to a HaZamir concert at Carnegie Hall. When the concert started, the first song was "HaZamir." After the first few measures, I was transfixed. I didn't know a group of teenagers could make a sound so beautiful. From that moment on, I knew I wanted to be on that stage next year.

Emily Rosuck

Alumna, HaZamir Dallas

My freshman year of high school was my first year as a HaZamirnik in the Dallas chapter. Soon after, I went on a trip to Israel. HaZamir was putting on a performance, and I was invited. I was struck by the passion with which the music was sung, and I learned that music has the ability to break language barriers and can even speak to people who don't speak the language being sung.

Benjamin Weiss

HaZamir Jersey Shore

The song “HaZamir,” is one of the main reasons I joined HaZamir. I decided to attend a performance at Carnegie Hall. When the concert began, I was hit with a massive wall of sound that made my ears and soul ring. This powerful voice that was composed of hundreds of young proud Jews gave me the inspiration to start my chapter at the Jersey Shore.

Shari Seinuk-Ross

Alumna, HaZamir Long Island

When I think about singing "HaZamir," my memories are immense. I remember singing it during my first major performance at Lincoln Center at the Zamir Chorale 40 years of Jewish Harmony Concert and realizing the magnitude of what I was part of. It brings back memories of Winter Festivals with friends from all over the country. I was given a great privilege to be part of such an amazing group of talented and dedicated individuals and for that I will always be thankful.

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