HaZamir Central Jersey

Conductor: Susan Hornstein

Contact Email: susanhornstein@yahoo.com

Contact Phone:  732-214-9631

Rehearsal Day: Sunday

Rehearsal Time: 1:30pm

Rehearsal Location:  Highland Park Community Center

Address: 220 South Sixth Avenue, Highland Park, NJ

Conductor Bio:

Susan Hornstein has long been connected with Central New Jersey HaZamir, as both a parent and accompanist, but is taking the baton for the first time. She participates in a number of musical activities throughout Central New Jersey, including Makhelat HaMercaz, the Jewish Choir of Central New Jersey, and the Mason Gross Extension Division at Rutgers University, where she participates in chamber music. Susan holds a PhD in Cognitive Psychology from Brown University, and works as an Information Architect, designing websites and computer systems so that people can understand how to use them. She and her husband, Justin, are new empty-nesters, in their Highland Park, NJ home.