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You voted, we listened, and now we are excited to share Your top 25 HaZamir Songs of All Time. In celebration of HaZamir's 25th anniversary we are compiling a Special Commemorative Book, featuring stories and memories about the top 25 songs. 


The Story of the Songs: 

Every HaZamir song sparks a memory. Do you remember who you were sitting next to at your first rehearsal?   How did you feel the first time you sang T'filah to our 12th grade Israelis at Festival? Did you create new friendships that still last to this day? How did it feel to stand on a New York stage with singers from across the country and Israel as your voices rose to the heavens in unified song?  
Tell us your stories! We want you to bring us to that place and time when you connected to our music and the music connected you to each other.  
Share a memory, an anecdote or a story and send us photos of your years in HaZamir. We will compile as many stories and photos as we can and publish them in the special 25th Anniversary Commemorative Book.

Submit your stories below and share your memories as they relate to a top HaZamir song. 

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